How do you use a candyfloss machine?

07 September 2021
Agboakiosime Imoudu

Whether you’re making candyfloss to give your friends a great time or you want to pamper your family, you need to be able to use a candy floss or cotton candy machine. While there are differences in features between different cotton candy makers, all candy floss machines function similarly. 

How to use a candyfloss machine

Using a candyfloss maker is easier than you think. Read on to learn the major steps you need to produce delicious candy floss. You start by putting all removable parts of your machine together according to your product’s user manual. When all are in place, plug in the machine. Next, add floss sugar into the spinning head. Make sure it reaches the fill line and spread it out evenly in the spinner.

You can now turn on the machine. If the heating element has a separate switch, turn it on as well. Your super tasty candy floss should be ready in minutes. As the cotton candy flows out of the spinning head, take down the heat. Finally, catch the candyfloss with the candyfloss cone or wand as it comes out of the machine. The cotton candy should stick easily. If it doesn’t, rub some water on the cone.

Quick tips for safe use of the candyfloss machine

To have a safe and fun candyfloss-making experience, keep the following tips in mind. You should always turn off the machine before adding floss sugar, and never put your finger near the spinning head while it’s running. Ensure to keep the machine upright on a flat surface and the aluminum bowl on the machine base. Most noncommercial candyfloss machines require the use of special sugars known as floss sugar.

Regular sugars can clog the machine filter, damage the heating element, or turn out low-quality candyfloss. However, if you don’t have candyfloss sugar, you can make yours by adding 2 tablespoons of Flossine to every 4.5kg of your regular granulated sugar. 

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